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How to overcome Tooth pain and Gum pain

Toothache does not require any introduction. Lucky are those people who had never experienced tooth ache in their lives.Toothache can make sane person crazy in pain and worst part of toothache is it can occur any time with any person. it may occur even in the midnight when with your best effort you cannot get in touch with your dentist. Some easy toothache remedies are mentioned here for emergency use.

All these remedies would be efficient in providing instant effect, but these are not meant for permanent cure. Consultation with of your dentist is highly solicited at the earliest in case of toothache.

If blood circulation of gums gets improved by light massage, it reduces the intensity of tooth ache. If you wish to stimulate blood circulation in gum, light gentle massage on gum with first finger or by soft bristled toothbrush provides quick relief from pain and tingling irritation.

Chewing raw onion for 3 minutes at a stretch would destroy all the germs in gum and teeth. Regular intake of raw onion for 2-3 months would help to cure common gum and dental disorders.

A clove of garlic treated with rock salt should be placed on the paining tooth, it will relieve the pain almost instantly. Alternatively, chewing a raw garlic clove in the morning would cure the problem of toothache efficiently.

Fresh lime extract would cure the problem of bleeding gum, loosening of teeth, dental cavities, and toothache problem; on regular use, lime extract prevents toothache.

Fresh extract of wheat grass is an excellent mouthwash which prevents dental decay and it cures toothache as well. It takes out toxins from the gums and controls bacterial growth.

Clove oil is a quick reliever of toothache- it is to be applied on the paining teeth to get quick relief from toothache.

A pinch of pepper powder mixed with clove oil can be applied on the dental cavities to alleviate the tooth pain. Alternatively, gargling with salt water treated by clove oil [1-2 drops in one glass] soothes toothache instantly.

Gentle massage with pinch of pepper, ¼ teaspoon of common salt helps in preventing dental cavities, bad breath problems, and bleeding gum, pain in gums, and the discomfort of toothache.

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